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It’s a scorcher out there this summer, so come on inside and attend a DFA training. Visit the DFA Help Center to register for any webinars as well as our classroom offerings.

Classroom Training

DFA Fundamentals: This full-day course (10am-5pm) is for new DFA users looking to understand the fundamentals of third-party ad serving including best practices for campaign trafficking, serving ads and pulling reports.

  • Chicago - July 18
  • San Francisco - July 19
  • Los Angeles - July 23
  • Boulder - July 26

DFA Trafficking Lab: Get more practice trafficking campaigns. These sessions cover the basics such as assigning landing pages to creatives, updating campaigns, setting up geo-targeting and using creative rotation.

Class Prerequisite: Attendees should have taken the DFA Fundamentals class in the previous two months or have less than two months trafficking experience.

  • Chicago - July 19
  • Los Angeles - July 24
  • Boulder - July 27

Webinar Training

MediaVisor Fundamentals - July 24
This webinar covers the most common uses of MediaVisor including set-up, sending RFPs and IOs, and trafficking.

Be sure to check back with us on this blog for next month's training schedule. We look forward to seeing you in class.

DoubleClick Search has just announced its date range comparison feature, one of the many new product features that will be launching this summer to help marketers easily manage search campaigns, at scale.

Date range comparison now gives search marketers the ability to evaluate
campaign performance over time and see the impact of changes -- all part of our mission to drive insights (not just data) to improve your campaign results.

For more information on the date range comparison tool, visit the DoubleClick Search blog