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The DoubleClick Search team has been hard at work to bring you a slew of great new features you’ve been asking for. A month ago we released the new agency and advertiser home pages. Two weeks ago we unveiled the DS3 preview. Today we continue the momentum with the launch of three new features in DS3. All of these are live and available to use starting today.

Find What’s Most Important With Filters
With filters you can sift your data down to just the campaigns, ad groups, ads or keywords that you care about. Filtering can be done on statistics such as clicks, impressions, or transactions as well as attributes like campaign budget, or keyword name. Filters are also saved as part of the report view. Once you’ve saved a report view it’s as easy as two clicks to review your best performing keywords, find ad groups with unusually high cost per clicks or pretty much any way you’d like to slice and dice your search advertising campaigns.

Really large bulksheets can take a long time to upload, and previously it was difficult to tell just how far along it was. But there’s one thing worse than not knowing when the upload will complete. It’s realizing you mistakenly clicked on the wrong file and watching helplessly in horror as it gets uploaded and processed.

Starting today, users of DS3 no longer have to worry - bulksheet uploads now include a progress bar, as well as the ability to cancel any upload in flight. We can’t help you pick the right file the first time, but now you can easily correct an errant click.

Drag and Drop Customized Columns
DS3 already includes powerful column customization that lets you customize and save report views. Today we’ve made column choosing even easier by adding the ability to drag and drop columns to change the order they show for reports.

This is just the beginning - we’ve got a ton of new features in store for you over the coming weeks and months.

If you like what you see already and are interested in upgrading to DoubleClick Search V3, contact your TAM for more information.

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