When we introduced the new DFA Reporting system back in the fall, we received great feedback from users saying things like, “I love Report Builder. You have no idea how much time you have saved me!” This month we’re adding some new features to Report Builder, some of which will spell even greater time savings in pulling reports.

Reach by frequency
As an advertiser it’s important to have insight into your campaigns reach as well as the number of times you are actually hitting your audience with your message. Now in Report Builder you can get the Reach by Frequency report which shows the number of users you reached by the number of times you've reached them.

Incremental reach
We’ve introduced three new metrics that measure the number of additional users reached by time period (day, week or month). Reach and incremental metrics are broken down by click, impression or total reach.

These new metrics are useful for analyzing the incremental number of people you are reaching for each day of spend. So you can tell within a given time frame whether your spend is going towards reaching new people or if you’re just hitting the same people again and again.

Reordering Floodlight activities and custom rich media events
The drag and drop interface of Report Builder is now also handy when you want to change the order of Floodlight activities and custom rich media events in your reports.

Copy and delete saved reports
Building reports can be time consuming process especially when you have to run them on a frequent basis. So now you can save additional time by being able to copy or delete saved reports in the ‘Reports’ tab.

Export Summary reports
The Summary Reports tab in DFA Reporting gives you at-a-glance details on your campaign performance. We’ve heard from clients that it would be helpful to be able to see the same data in the Report Builder query tool. So this new option lets you export summary reports to Report Builder. Upon export, you’ll see a pre-built page in Report Builder based on your current view of the Summary Reports tab and the great thing is this view is not limited to the number of rows on screen.

To learn more about these latest features available in Report Builder reference this article in the Help Center (DFA sign-in required).