Learn all about ad capabilities this month in the DFA Webinar series. We'll be covering click trackers, 1x1s, priority, frequency capping, and much more. Visit the DFA Help Center to register for any or all webinars as well as our classroom offerings.

Classroom Training

DFA Fundamentals: This full-day course (10am-5pm) is for new DFA users looking to understand the fundamentals of third-party ad serving including best practices for campaign trafficking, serving your ads and pulling reports.

  • Chicago - March 14
  • Atlanta - March 15
  • Toronto - March 19
  • San Francisco - March 20
  • Los Angeles - March 27

DFA Trafficking Lab: Get more practice trafficking campaigns. These sessions cover the basics such as assigning landing pages to creatives, updating campaigns, setting up geo-targeting and using creative rotation.

Class Prerequisite:Attendees should have taken the DFA Fundamentals class in the previous two months or have less than two months trafficking experience.

  • Chicago - March 15
  • Atlanta - March 16
  • Toronto - March 20
  • San Francisco - March 21
  • Los Angeles - March 28

MediaVisor: Learn more about planning and creating campaigns, advertisers, site placements and IOs as well as how to send RFPs.

  • New York - March 8
  • Chicago - March 15
  • Atlanta - March 16
  • Toronto - March 20

Webinar Training

DFA Ads: Making Them Work For You - March 13
Learn the basics of setting up ads in DFA while thinking strategically about campaigns. Things like setting ads up as efficiently as possible, managing start and end dates, and avoiding serving too many defaults.

Priority, Frequency Capping, Targeting and Other Ad Level Capabilities - March 20
DFA offers a lot of flexibility with your ads, and in this session you’ll learn how to leverage the options available to you such as priority, frequency capping and targeting.

Click Trackers and 1x1s: Getting it Right - March 27
Did you know that you can track site-served creatives using DFA? Are you familiar with how to best work with sites to ensure that click trackers get implemented correctly? Trafficking these types of ads can get tricky and we're here to show you how to get it right.

DFA for New Users - March 7 and March 21
An introduction to the fundamentals of DFA.

MediaVisor Fundamentals - March 13
Learn the Fundamentals of MediaVisor.

Be sure to check back with us on this blog for regular updates to our training schedule. We look forward to seeing you in class.