Brand advertisers want to know that the inventory they are buying is safe, clean, and high quality. We take this very seriously at Google and employ both cutting edge technology and human review to ensure that DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) can offer the best environment to our buyers. We’re not alone in this fight. Media6Degrees has developed a proprietary system to filter out suspicious activity to protect their clients’ brands and we’re happy to say it validates AdX’s inventory quality. Brand advertisers who want to make sure their programmatic campaigns are running on safe and reliable traffic can look to DoubleClick Ad Exchange and Media6Degrees.

Finding the right customers -- at scale
Major M6D clients who buy media at scale -- brands like Verizon, Disney, Hyundai and Adobe -- rely on M6D and AdX to make sure they reach the right audience. For brands like these, placing their ads only on the best-quality inventory is paramount.

To find the right audience and the safest traffic, M6D relies on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. "We help marketers drive scale in online media campaigns," says Alec Greenberg, VP of Media Operations for M6D. "Once our platform identifies the audience that matches the brand signal of a client, that's where AdX comes in. I want to buy the best targeting inventory and not worry about what is or isn't clean," says Greenberg. “AdX delivers. It's clean inventory and a ton of volume.”

Screening out invalid activity
"Earlier this year we turned off about 1000 real-time bidding publishers where we'd seen suspicious activity," says Alec. "When we compared notes with Google, we found that AdX had already turned off every single one. Every other partner on our list had suspicious sites still active, but Google had filtered out 100% of them."

To ensure their clients only buy the cleanest safest inventory, M6D's engineers developed a proprietary system to sniff out suspicious traffic and remove it from consideration. While M6D is diligent at protecting their clients, they’d prefer their ad partners remove suspicious activity before it even gets to them. With AdX, they get a partner that has been fighting invalid ad activity with great success for years.

"We are fanatical about what we do," says Alec Greenberg. "We believe we have the best targeting system out there and that we're delivering real results driven by real human behavior. That's why Google provides the largest piece of our inventory every day."

"Their scale and their quality are second to none. For anyone entering the fray of programmatic buying, AdX should be the first partner you engage."

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Posted by Alex Shellhammer, Product Marketing Manager