(Cross-posted from the DoubleClick Search blog)

Are you interested in what’s going on in the world of DoubleClick and digital marketing in general?  If so, come follow us on our brand new Google+ page: google.com/+doubleclickdigitalmarketing. We post regularly about new happenings and events within the DoubleClick family, as well as industry news.

In addition to highlighting interesting content, we hope that the page will be a place where you can have a conversation with our team of content contributors. The functional specialties of our team include search, display, rich media and ad serving - so we’ll have someone who understands your tough questions and find you the right solutions.

We’ll also be premiering a number of Hangouts on Air on the page to give you access to different parts of the DoubleClick organization, including product management, engineering, and services. You can check out a recording of our first Rich Media Hangout here. We’ll have a bunch more coming - including a DoubleClick Search Hangout highlighting our support for the big enhanced campaigns transition - so follow the page to stay tuned!