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Last week, we announced the launch of our DoubleClick Display Benchmarks Tool -- a tool that lets you pull benchmarks on the ad industry to help you better understand your own display campaigns. Today, we’re kicking off a series of posts that will dive into the insights we’re finding with the tool. 

Today’s insight: rich media engagement metrics have been increasing since last summer, indicating that users are engaging with ad content more frequently and for longer amounts of time. 

One of the great things about rich media formats is that they provide built-in engagement metrics that allow agencies to understand consumer’s interaction with brands, beyond the simple click. Our benchmark data suggests that since the summer of 2012, rich media engagement metrics have been consistently increasing.

Since the summer of 2012: 
  • The frequency with which people interact with an ad when they see it on the page has grown ~60%. 
  • The time that people spend interacting with an ad has grown ~21%. People are spending on average 10 seconds of time interacting with an ad. 
  • The frequency with which people expand an ad has grown ~50%. On average, people spend ~19 seconds with the ad in the expanded state.
  • The frequency with which people complete a video has grown ~24%.  
  • The average amount of time that an ad is displayed on the page has increased by ~23%. 
The take-away: 
Consumers interact, expand, and watch ads when advertisers take advantage of engaging rich media formats and provide ad content that allows users to engage. So consider incorporating these types of ads into your campaigns -- instead of a static banner ad, make a rich media ad with a video, or an ad that expands or lets users engage. By making your ad creative more engaging, you’ll entice consumers to interact with your brand online. 

Tune in next week for our second installation of the “Display Data Insights Series.” And in the meantime, check out our new DoubleClick Display Benchmarks tool to find interesting tidbits on your own.

Posted by Becky Chappell, Product Marketing - DoubleClick