Demand-side platforms play an important role in the success and innovation of display, so we’ve spent a lot of time listening to customers and developing DoubleClick Bid Manager training content. To make it easier for users to plan, execute, and measure display media with DoubleClick Bid Manager, we’ve launched a new DoubleClick Bid Manager eLearning and Certification for marketers and agencies.

DoubleClick Bid Manager Fundamentals is an online training course that lets new users learn at their own pace, take an exam, and download a certificate confirming that they understand the basics of DoubleClick Bid Manager. The course covers:
  • Core DoubleClick Bid Manager functionality and how it works with DCM/DFA
  • The basic benefits and features of demand-side platforms and how ad exchanges work
  • How to create media plans and campaigns for implementation in DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • How to analyze performance and optimize campaigns
You can take the training as many times as you like, and need a score of 80% or greater to receive a certificate of completion. Try DoubleClick Bid Manager Fundamentals and demonstrate your proficiency today.

Keep in mind, this course is only available to current DoubleClick Bid Manager users. To access this course, you'll need to sign in with the Google account you use for DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Posted by Molly Larrison, Training Program Manager