Studio Certified developers, do you want to tell the world that you can create engaging in-stream video ads? With the new Studio Certification VPAID badge, you can do just that.

VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition) is a hybrid creative format that runs as a pre-, mid-, or post-roll with the publisher’s content video. When watching in-stream ads, users can pause and resume videos, pull up options to learn about products, and more. For example, you can watch a video about a car, pause it, and learn more about the car right from the ad – without leaving the player on the publisher’s website. Check out the VPAID format in action.

VPAID gives brands a way to create a micro-site experience directly within an ad unit. Users can interact with the brand and learn more about the products without ever having to navigate away from the original page they were on. So it's good for the user, it's good for the web publisher, and it's great for the brand.

VPAID badge certification gives you:
  • A badge that identifies you as a Studio Certified user able to create interactive in-stream ads
  • Exclusive access to DoubleClick hosted events and workshops
  • Early access to betas and product features
  • Promotion as a Studio Certified user with a VPAID badge via DoubleClick Rich Media properties and associated sites
    • Listing with other Studio certified users on the Rich Media gallery
    • We'll announce your achievement via our Twitter account
    • Promotion via Rich Media Gallery and marketing materials
    • A badge you can use for self-promotion
Pass the exam and get the badge to demonstrate your expertise in creating rich, in-stream ads to boost user engagement. Take the VPAID exam and get certified.

Note: You must be Studio Certified in Core Flash or HTML5 to take the VPAID certification exam.

Not Studio Certified? No worries! Get Certified todayWe have these Studio Certification badges available:
  • Core Studio Certification exam for Flash developers
  • Core Studio Certification exam for HTML5 developers
  • Integrated QA certification
  • Advanced badge certification for Dynamic creatives and YouTube Mastheads
Learn more about Studio Certification in the Rich Media Gallery.

Posted by Arnold Sealey, Program Manager, DoubleClick Studio Certification