In March, we added the following feature to DoubleClick Search (DS):

  • Support for the new AdWords “Search Network with Display Select” campaigns
    AdWords has launched a new campaign type, “Search Network with Display Select”, which is helping advertisers
    gain up to 15% more customers than search campaigns alone. Any new campaigns that you create in DS will automatically be “Search Network with Display Select” campaigns. DS will continue to support legacy “Search & Display Networks” campaigns for a few months. Learn more.

We also made the following feature updates:

  • Include impression share in executive reports
    You can now
    add a chart to an executive report that displays the impression share metric for your Google AdWords keywords. With impression share metrics, you can easily report how many of the overall potential impressions you’re capturing.

  • Improved targeting settings for Bing Ads ad groups
    We made some improvements to clarify that a Bing Ads ad group can override the campaign’s location and device settings
    independently. In other words, you can override one or both of these settings when you create or edit a Bing Ads ad group.

  • Segment Google Analytics goals by device
    When a reporting table includes columns for Google Analytics goals, you can now
    segment the table by device as well as by ads.

  • Bid strategies for PLA campaigns
    To optimize bidding on Product Listing Ads, you can now apply an ROI bid strategy to product targets, an ad group with product targets, or an entire campaign. You can even use the same bid strategy to let DS optimize your bids across both product targets and keywords to reach your ROI goals.
    Learn more.

  • Formula columns: new functions, new columns, and new aggregation options
    • New functions
      We have added 18 functions that you can use in formula columns: 14 for manipulating strings, 2 for specifying relative dates, and 2 for error handling. In addition,
      to_number(), to_percent(), and to_money() can now convert localized strings into numbers. See a list of all functions in the new function list for DS formula columns.
    • New columns You can now use the Status and Keyword_match_type columns in a formula column. These columns are considered to be enumerated columns because they always contain one of a few values pre-defined by DS. Make sure that any functions you create refer to one of the pre-defined values that the column can contain.
      Here’s an example function that outputs "Brand-Broad" for keywords that are labeled with the “Brand” label and have been defined with a broad match type:
    • New aggregation options When you create a formula column, you can specify how the summary row in a reporting table aggregates data from a formula column. Previously, a summary row always summed the raw data in the individual rows and then applied the formula to the sum. Now you can specify that a summary row applies the formula to each row and then sums the formula results.

Posted by the DoubleClick Search team