Digital has redefined our daily lives - changing how we stay informed, shop, communicate, and stay entertained. The essence of this is captured in the video above, where even high school basketball games will never be the same. 

For marketers, this means new opportunities to reach more consumers in more ways. They must focus on delivering the right message to the right user at the right time on the right screen. To achieve this, many brands and agencies are turning to integrated marketing platforms to help them save time, achieve better campaign performance, and make better decisions. 

To both celebrate and learn from the success advertisers are having, we are launching with DoubleClick, a weekly series where we’ll highlight success stories and perspectives about how advertisers are changing the ways their teams work, seeing better performance, and making better decisions with the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform.

Today, we’ll start by shining a light on a recent study, “Adding Data, Boosting Impact”, where the Boston Consulting Group found that advertisers and agencies are leaving opportunity on the table because of inexperience with new capabilities, inconsistent campaign execution, and a fragmented approach to campaign development and delivery.

The good news is, when marketers use advanced data-driven techniques, they are seeing major uplifts in performance and engagement. For example, the brands in the study saw a 32% average decrease in cost per action. To achieve these kinds of results, the study identifies five critical steps marketers should take. 

The first step is adopting a unified technology platform. Marketers need de-duplicated conversions and cross-channel data. They need to be able to buy, execute, and optimize campaigns across screens in order to create the most compelling consumer experience. And more and more we are seeing advertisers and agencies turn to unified platforms, like DoubleClick Digital Marketing, to bring all their digital efforts together, simplify their strategies, and attack the fragmentation that exists today. 

Next week, look out for our first with DoubleClick customer spotlight: AlmapBBDO and what they did to increase sales by 56% for Gol Airlines.

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