This post is part of the with DoubleClick series, highlighting stories and perspectives from industry leaders about how they are succeeding with an integrated digital marketing platform.

Neo@Ogilvy, Ogilvy & Mather’s global media agency, manages the digital performance and media strategy for some of the world’s most innovative and respected brands.

The Neo@Ogilvy team needed the right tools in place to execute on clever, innovative campaigns for their clients, in addition to a better understanding the impact of their campaigns. To focus on these more strategic activities, they needed to change how their team worked, by spending less time on manual tasks that were time-consuming and inefficient.

They started using DoubleClick Digital Marketing to streamline the end-to-end campaign management process. With an intuitive interface that lets you view all campaign information from a single page, the platform has freed up 40 hours of Account Executive time per week - that is one full hire. Javier Oliete Vivas, Manager Director at Neo@Ogilvy told us, “DoubleClick Digital Marketing enables us to standardize analysis and have just one single approach, one way of analyzing all channels.”

Beyond the time and resource savings, the efficiencies from using a unified platform led to real campaign performance gains. Neo@Ogilvy was able to optimize their campaigns in real-time with clean, fresh cross-channel data, resulting in tremendous uplift. For one client, a major hotel chain, their conversion rate improved by 400%, and their ROI increased by 38% after moving onto the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform. At the same time, their CPA improved 40%.

To learn more about the team's approach and results, watch the video below.

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