At this time last year, we suggested three resolutions for 2015 to help you achieve more success with your programmatic campaigns.

Since then, the landscape has continued to evolve for marketers. There are more devices, more micro-moments, more ways to reach consumers. Not surprisingly, more people want to know about programmatic, too: Google searches for “programmatic” were 46% more popular this year vs. last year, and more than twice as popular from just two years ago1.

For 2016, we’re sharing some new resolutions — and want to help you find the one that is just right for you.

Programmatic New Year is an interactive quiz that recommends personalized “programmatic resolutions”. These are ways you can further develop your brand’s programmatic strategy for 2016. Whether you’re experienced in programmatic or just getting started, the resolutions serve as a starting point for building your expertise, identifying opportunities and helping your brand succeed.

Take the quiz to find out your Programmatic New Year’s resolution. Consider sharing your resolution with friends and colleagues—it might just help you stick to it.

Posted by Carlo Acenas
Associate Product Marketing Manager

1 Google Trends data