Is your team making the most of the features that we release? Are they prepared to be leaders in the eyes of clients and vendors alike when questions issues arise? Do they have the tools they need? Now, your answer can be yes.

Recently, we released DFA Personal Trainer for Advanced Users. This fun, interactive program is designed to turn experienced DFA users into true power users.

It includes:

  • Introduction to advanced features and troubleshooting techniques
  • Interactive scenarios (and suggested solutions) that users are likely to encounter
  • A multiple choice final test that knowledge of important concepts
  • Introductions to brand new features such as DFA Verification and Multi-Channel Funnels
  • A personalized certificate of completion once the user has completed the program

Sign your team up today.

How does DFA Personal Trainer for Advanced Users fit into our other offerings?
DFA Personal Trainer for Advanced Users is a perfect follow up to DFA Basics for Traffickers. This interactive course puts the user in the role of a new hire at an ad agency, creating a foundation for deeper understanding of DFA and online ad serving.  

What Constitutes an ‘Advanced User?’
Anyone that has completed DFA Basics for Traffickers and all those who’ve been working in DFA for 6 months or more. The program is also great for supervisors who want to get a sense of common issues to look out for and advanced features to leverage.

What can Managers do to Encourage Participation?
As a manager, the key is to make time for the program and to reward completion.

Motivate your team

  • Have your senior-level sponsor email your staff to encourage participation.
  • Underscore the importance of expertise during career conversations.
  • Develop a way to publicly acknowledge those who complete the program successfully.

Help your team to make time for the program
  • Find ways to lighten their load while they’re going through the program.
  • Put reminders on participants’ calendars.

Enable your team to help each other
  • Schedule a recurring weekly meeting for those who are participating (make the meeting fun!).
  • Lead the team in reviewing the content and solving the scenarios and quiz questions.
  • Assign training buddies, pair someone more experienced with someone more junior.

Track their progress
  • Ask each person to keep you updated on their progress when they’ve completed each step of the