Spring brings a lot of great things - birds chirping, flowers blooming, and webinars buzzing!  

We are particularly pleased to introduce two new webinar series that focus on Reporting and Floodlight.  For some sessions background knowledge is recommend. Please note the prerequisites listed for each webinar, as this knowledge will help you get the most out of each session.

When registering, please be sure to note the regional designations before clicking the link to enroll.

DFA Fundamentals
  • This session covers the basics of Trafficking in the DFA6 UI. Users new to 3rd Party Ad-Serving and DFA6 are encouraged to attend. The bulk of the session focuses on Trafficking but touches briefly upon Floodlight and Reporting. Great for beginners and anyone that wants a refresher!

Introducing our New Reporting Series!
  • Reporting: Report Builder
    • This session focuses on the new Reporting tool. Understand how to slice and dice data in the Summary tab (dashboard view), run reports in Report Builder.
    • Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of DFA6 (available in DFA Fundamentals webinar or eLearning).
    • Registration: North America,  Asia/Pacific
  • Reporting: Attribution
    • This session explores the ‘Attribution’ tab in the new Reporting tool. Get a look at uses for Multi-Channel Funnels, Attribution, and Modeling.
    • Prerequisite: Moderate experience with Report Builder or completion of the ‘Report Builder’ webinar session.
    • Registration: North America

Introducing Our New Floodlight Series!
  • Floodlight: QA & Troubleshooting
    • This session will provide the information you need to make sure you’re creating, testing, and fixing your Floodlight tags correctly.
    • Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Floodlight (available in DFA Fundamentals webinar or eLearning).
    • Registration: North America
  • Floodlight: Custom Variables & Macros
    • This session will discuss how the use of Custom Variables and Macros can help you gather a wide variety of data that may be useful for your business. This course also covers the use of Macros to pass information from Floodlight to 3rd party pixels.
    • Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Floodlight (available in DFA Fundamentals webinar or eLearning).
    • Registration: North America
  • Floodlight & Associated Functionality
    • This course will provide you with an overview of Floodlight tags: understand what they are, which types of tags are available and some implementation tips.
    • Registration: Asia/Pacific

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