Standard banner ads are becoming a thing of the past as ads are increasingly becoming "rich" - incorporating sight, sound, motion and interactivity to provide better experiences for viewers. 

Studies have shown that rich media ads perform better than standard ads for both brand favorability and for driving purchase intent. But "rich" is sometimes perceived as "more difficult." At DoubleClick, we want to make the process for getting started with rich media ads as simple and painless as possible. 

So we've put together a DoubleClick Rich Media Education Program to help you through the steps to train and certify your skills:
  1. Walk through the Rich Media Fundamentals course, which provides the materials needed to be proficient in DoubleClick Rich Media. This course is designed to allow any new user to ramp up on rich media basics at their own pace. 
    • After completing the program, you should understand what rich media is; how to use the Studio UI; how to build Flash, HTML5 and dynamic creative; how to traffic rich media creatives and how to resolve live issues.
  2. Take the DRM Fundamentals Certification (available at the end of the Rich Media Fundamentals course) and recognize your proficiency with a certificate of completion.
  3. If you're a DoubleClick Studio user, take the Studio Certification to demonstrate your expertise in building rich media ads in Studio and get rewarded for it! 
  4. If you're a DoubleClick for Advertisers user, take a look at the Rich Media Academy to get additional information on planning rich media campaigns. 
Ready to get started?
Register for the Rich Media Fundamentals Course and start making your digital campaigns richer! 

Posted by Hemmy Edge, DRM Training Program Manager