As more brands adopt programmatic technology, there's a growing need to train buyers on how they can deliver greater ROI by simplifying their media buying and audience targeting with DoubleClick Ad Exchange. To help buyers take advantage of these new buying opportunities, we've launched DoubleClick Ad Exchange eLearning and Certification, a free, self-paced online eLearning and certification that teaches key AdX concepts to new exchange buyers.

We recommend that any media buyers, real-time bidders, and developers who plan to buy inventory from AdX, take our fundamentals training to learn AdX, understand our policies, and get an introduction to programmatic media buying and real-time bidding (RTB).

The course covers:
  • What the Ad Exchange is and how it works
  • AdX policies and supported creatives
  • How to navigate the user interface
  • Creating campaigns and ad groups
  • An overview of RTB and how to create RTB campaigns
  • How to review, create and report on the different programmatic buying solutions
AdX Fundamentals also includes a 30-question certification exam, and a score of 80% or greater is required to pass. When you pass, you’ll get a printable certificate of completion.

Enroll in DoubleClick Ad Exchange Fundamentals and demonstrate your proficiency today.

Keep in mind, this course is only available to current DoubleClick AdX buyers. To access this course, you'll need to sign in with the Google account you use for DoubleClick AdX.

Posted by Anna Solinap, Ad Exchange Product Trainer