Before the new year, we discussed a number of new capabilities in DoubleClick Campaign Manager, like the audience features that allow you more deeply understand your customers, and the integrations that help streamline the tagging process. Today, we’re going to deep dive into the area that makes the execution of all of these capabilities possible: the new trafficking workflow. 

Trafficking can be one of the most labor-intensive aspects of managing digital campaigns. In fact, of the 25+ pain points agencies and marketers have across the campaign life cycle, many involve manual work like difficult-to-edit data entry and quality checks, according to a Boston Consulting Group study. Reducing the time spent on inefficient activities is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage. We completely re-imagined the workflow that agencies and marketers use to traffic their campaigns by building a faster and more intuitive interface:

Simplifying cross-screen campaigns:
  • You no longer have to create separate ads and placements for mobile devices. Mobile is now a natural extension of your campaigns, with one campaign for all screens. 
  • Additional mobile targeting features — Platform Type, Operating System and Version, Connection Type, Mobile Carrier and Browser — enable you to serve the right message to the right user.
  • With HTML5 support, so you can create just one HTML5 creative that will serve across devices and automatically adjust to the corresponding ad size.
Faster and sleeker interface:
  • The user interface loads in a fraction of a second, and it’s up to five times faster than DFA in responding to your actions.
  • Campaign changes go live in just minutes, whether it’s changing ad targeting or updating creatives. With a faster time-to-live window, you can QA and modify campaigns and rest assured they’ll go live in a fraction of the time.
Easier to use with a redesigned workflow: 
  • A single-page view of all campaign elements allows you to see placement, ad, creative, and tag information in one place. You no longer need to flip through multiple tabs and risk losing your place while navigating across your campaigns. 
  • Efficient assignment workflow makes it much easier to assign multiple placements, ads, and creatives all at once. In fact, the number of clicks to perform common trafficking tasks has been reduced by several orders of magnitude.
  • Bulk edits allow you to change multiple object properties at once, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to make changes to your campaigns. For example, with bulk name editing, you can make mass naming convention changes, like adding a prefix or suffix, across multiple entities in seconds. And with in-line edits, it’s easier to edit placements, ads, and creative details from the campaign view, without going to a property page.
  • Event tags help you streamline the process of applying and managing pixels in bulk across campaigns or groups of campaigns.
  • You can customize and save your campaign view to your workflow needs, with any combination or grouping of columns. This makes it easy to work your own way.
  • Built-in reporting dimensions make it easy to QA campaigns, with impression and click data directly in the trafficking interface. 
  • A new timezone selector makes it easy to traffic global campaigns without manual time conversions.
Power users from Situation Interactive - Mara Winkler, Senior Media Planner, and Joyce Tse, Media Coordinator - told us about the benefits they’re seeing from using the new trafficking interface: “With the upgrade to DoubleClick Campaign Manager, we’ve been able to streamline the trafficking process. The new trafficking workflow makes it easy to edit everything without switching pages, and allows us to use our time more efficiently. For example, when we swap creative it’s an extremely easy and intuitive process, and changes are reflected almost immediately. This helps us to ensure that the correct creative is running at all times.”

Watch the webinar, under “Learn about DCM”, where we live demoed these new features, and many more.

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Posted by Ian Fulton, Product Manager