As an industry, we know that getting in front of the right user is just half the story. A campaign’s creative is a critical component that can make or break campaign success. And as the people who design and develop that creative message, creative agencies need to be experts at their craft, with a deep understanding of the tools of their trade and the ability to promote that expertise across the complicated ecosystem of players that compose the advertising landscape. 

Here at DoubleClick, we recognize this need and have spent the past year and a half developing a robust training and certification program for our creative agency partners. By becoming a DoubleClick Studio and QA Certified Partner -- a “Jedi” so to speak -- you put yourself in the driver’s seat to build creative faster, with fewer issues, and ship it on your own timeline. 

Our DoubleClick Studio Training and Certification program enables you to:
  • Work more efficiently by taking control of your turnaround times 
  • Build your expertise in the Studio product and keep your skills fresh 
  • Promote your expertise as a Certified Partner to prove you’re the best for the job 
Over a thousand people in the creative industry have already become Certified Partners, representing individuals and agencies across the globe, and every day we're adding more. Here are five of them to tell you a bit about their experience: 

Beyond the core Studio and QA certifications, you can hone your skills further and demonstrate your “specialist” abilities with additional badges, including Dynamic, Masthead, and VPAID badges. These advanced certifications can help you create innovative, out-of-the-box approaches to digital creative that can set you apart from the crowd. 

Ready to get started? 
Visit the Studio Certification page. You can take all of our exams through this portal. Each exam takes ~1-2 hours to complete and has accompanying training materials to help you if you get stuck. 

Still unsure? 
Every day for the month of March, we’ll provide tips, fun facts and case studies about DoubleClick Studio and the Studio Certification program. Check back here each day for a new, unlocked Tip of the Day. Today’s tip features Tom Miller, Founder and Owner of Creative Ocean, sharing his experience with Studio Certification. 

Posted by Becky Chappell, Product Marketing, DoubleClick