In February, we added the following features to DoubleClick Search (DS):

  • Report on impression share You can now report on impression share for keywords in your AdWords engine accounts in DS. Impression share is the number of impressions you’ve received divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive. With impression share metrics, you can easily track how many of the overall potential impressions you’re capturing. Learn more.

  • Easy access to agency and advertiser data, and faster account navigation We’ve completed the rollout of two DS UI changes that are designed to enhance usability and workflow efficiency.

    • The new agency view: Enables viewing and reporting across multiple advertisers. This view shows key data from multiple advertisers in one integrated, consistent view to help advertisers more easily act on big opportunities.

    • The new navigation bar: Provides a more usable way to quickly find and access information across your advertisers. It includes a new horizontal layout, a search-as-you-type function, favorites labels, and keyboard shortcuts.

To learn more, read this blog post and this Help Center section.

We also made the following feature updates:

  • Improvements to automated rules and bulk edits We made the following improvements to automated rules and bulk edits (including scheduled edits) in DoubleClick Search:

    • Bulk edits and automated rules at the advertiser level
      When you navigate to an advertiser with all engine accounts, or navigate to an advertiser with an engine type (e.g.,
      All AdWords accounts), you’ll now see the Edit and Rules buttons above the table.

    • Bulk edits and automated rules for objects within labels
      When you click
      Labels in the left nav and then click a specific label, you’ll now be able to apply bulk edits and automated rules after navigating to the campaigns, ad groups, keywords, or ads in the label.

    • Change min/max bid in bulk for keywords
      Change min/max bid for bid strategies is a new option when setting up a bulk edit or automated rule for keywords.

    • Change budgets across engine accounts
      For rules and bulk edits on Bing Ads campaigns, we combined the
      Change daily budget and Change monthly budget options into one Change budget option. This allows you to change budgets in bulk across Google AdWords and Bing Ads engine accounts.

    • Change labels in bulk for ads
      Change label is a new option when setting up a bulk edit or automated rule for ads.

    • See the source of your bulk edit or automated rule
      When you click
      Bulk operations in the left nav, the new Changed by column on the Bulk operations page shows the source of the edit or rule.
      • For one-time bulk edits, the column displays the user’s email address.
      • For scheduled edits, the column displays Scheduled edit: {scheduled edit name}.
      • For automated rules, the column displays Rule: {rule name} with a link to the Rule details page.

  • Sitelink descriptions in DS DS now supports syncing and managing multi-line descriptive text for AdWords sitelinks.

  • New LENGTH() function for inventory templates Inventory templates for ads and keywords now support the LENGTH() function, which returns the length of a string or other value. With this function, you can create templates that respond to the length of a field, as in the following example that outputs “generic” if the BRAND field is blank: [IF(LENGTH(BRAND) > 0, BRAND, "generic")]. Learn more.

Watch the recorded webinar for February features to see these updates in action.

Posted by the DoubleClick Search team