In April, we added the following features to DoubleClick Search (DS):

We also updated the following features:
  • Device preference for ads in a Bing Ads account: You can now use DS to specify a preference for individual ads to display on mobile phones. This preference is available when you create or edit ads from the DS UI or from bulksheets.
    Because the change is coming from Bing Ads, you'll need to sync your engine account with DS before you can set a device preference for individual ads.
  • Executive reports: New Device and Sitelink filters: Filter charts and tables in your executive reports by device or sitelink.
  • New function for inventory templates: ANY(ATTRIBUTE): Depending on how you organize ad groups in an inventory keyword campaign, some ad groups might contain items with different values for the same attribute. For example, one ad group might contain items with different MPNs. If you created a template that used the MPN attribute, DS wouldn't know which MPN value to use and would report an inconsistency error. You can use the ANY(ATTRIBUTE) function to instruct DS to choose a value from one item in the ad group. Like this:  Buy [ANY(MPN)]  Learn more.

See these updates in action in the new features training video for April.

Posted by the DoubleClick Search team