Since its beginnings in 1999, digital marketing agency Jellyfish has been at the forefront of digital advertising, helping clients of all shapes and sizes succeed in digital.

Most recently, Jellyfish partnered with a leading international online university who wanted to attract prospective students using online search. To meet the challenge, Jellyfish turned to DoubleClick Search and its ability to respond in real-time to optimize performance as the best tool for the job.


  • Hit regional lead volume and cost-per-lead goals.
  • Maximize quality of leads.


  • Tailor bid strategies by region with the Performance Bidding Suite.
  • Use bid strategies to respond to real-time, data-driven feedback including online and offline conversions.
  • Deploy best practices with bid strategies.


  • Increased lead volume by 29%.
  • Decreased cost per lead by 84%.
  • Effectively generated quality leads for the university's search program internationally.

To learn more about Jellyfish’s approach, read the full case study.

Posted by Nick Macrae
Product Marketing Manager, DoubleClick Search