Are you an advertiser or agency running mobile in-app ads or are you interested in testing out in-app formats? 

We’re looking for advertisers or agencies willing to participate in an MRAID beta program, to run campaigns with impression volume against our tested networks and verify that the reporting and metrics are tracking properly. 

In exchange for helping us test out the metrics, we’ll wave rich media ad serving fees for the duration of the beta. (Note: we may see significant reporting discrepancies during this beta period.)

Requirements to participate in the beta:
  • Have our “Beta Feature” language in the Advertising Platform Agreement (APA) or have a separate Beta Feature Agreement 
  • Deliver HTML5 creative assets to DoubleClick
  • Run media with an MRAID compliant publisher or platform that has been tested by DoubleClick. (e.g. Greystripe, Millennial, Jumptap, New York Times, Mojiva, InMobi, AdMarvel). 
    • Be sure to ask your sales representative for an updated list of compliant publishers.
    • Don't see your desired publisher on the list? Point them to our DFA publisher certification so you can run in-app ads on their network or application. 
If you are interested in taking part in this beta program, please contact your DoubleClick Sales Representative.

Background on MRAID:

Mobile rich media advertising has historically been difficult for agencies and publishers to execute on a large scale because every publisher has maintained different standards and specs for mobile ads. With so many different standards, an agency would have to create many ads, each tailored to individual publishers -- a very manual and unscalable process. 

To help make mobile rich media execution more scalable, the IAB developed the Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID), which provide a standard for mobile rich media ads, so that all publishers can accept the same ad type (and agencies can build one ad to work across all the publishers.) 

DoubleClick Rich Media and Studio is MRAID compliant, meaning agencies that use DoubleClick have the ability to serve MRAID creatives to in-app inventory offered by publishers and mobile ad networks. We have already been working with a number of publishers, confirming their ability to support our test tags. Now, we need to run live campaigns with impression volume against these tested networks, to verify that metrics are tracking properly. This is the goal of the beta program.